Sale of natural Marble, Onyx and Travertine from the manufacturer in Kiev!

Our assortment includes the best types and grades of natural stone with unique patterns, different colors and types of processing for every taste at a reasonable price on the market!

Our company KTB Transfer specializes in mining, processing, and selling marble, onyx and travertine of the highest quality for many years. The stone is delivered directly from the deposits to our own production, where using modern equipment, we produce high-quality materials that meet world standards.

Only the right technological processing of natural marble opens in it truly tonal riches and beauty of travertine or onyx, forcing to respect and admire it. Experienced master, skillfully choosing the direction of cutting, makes the stone "play", opening on the cut that "delightful plot".

Ordering natural marble in KTB Transfer you are guaranteed to receive:

  • The best price from the manufacturer
  • Fast delivery anywhere in Ukraine
  • Quality by world standards
  • The widest assortment
  • Expert advice on the specifics of the application

Kyiv :  +38 093 300 100 9   +38 067 749 55 55  +38 097 410 05 98

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